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Installing Metis from Source

Installing Metis from source requires an installation of either MLton, Poly/ML or Moscow ML, as well as standard system tools including GNU Make and Perl.

  1. Download the metis.tar.gz file.
  2. Extract it with the command tar xvzf metis.tar.gz
  3. There will be a new directory called metis. Change to this directory.
  4. To build using MLton:
  5. To build using Poly/ML:
  6. To build using Moscow ML:
  7. If the test results in a usage message, the installation was successful.
  8. A more serious test is to prove the benchmark problems using the command path/to/metis data/problems/benchmark/*

If anything goes wrong, you can use the command make clean to clean out any object files.


To report a bug or request an enhancement, please file an issue at GitHub.

Metis the moon of Jupiter